Lighter on your feet and in your heart,

guided by your inner wisdom


Body, Mind & Spirit


An INNER-SIGHT ENERGY SESSION offers you the opportunity to tune into your own inner wisdom from a more balanced state of mind, body and spirit. Awaiting your discovery is an awareness that at the core of each of us there is a presence of all-encompassing love, wisdom and peace.

The more you nurture and cultivate this relationship with your inner guidance, the more smoothly and powerfully the universal life force can flow through you. Gradually, you will notice that you are able to go through life with more ease and a deeper sense of purpose.

Helpful for

 Lack of energy

Sleep issues



 Major life transitions

Lack of purpose/motivation 


Increased energy

Greater inner calm and mental clarity

Release of emotional blockages

Promotion of natural self healing

Greater resilience in challenging situations

Stronger connection to inner guidance

Deeper sense of purpose 


What happens during an

Inner-Sight Energy Session?

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Die Inner-Sight Sitzung besteht aus drei Teilen: das Handauflegen, das nachfolgende Gespräch und zum Schluss, das Zeigen von Techniken und Übungen.

The Inner-Sight Energy Session comprises three parts:

DURATION: approx. 60 minutes

PRICE: CHF 100  -  Cash  Twint  PayPal

Laying on of Hands

Following a short conversation to inquire what has brought you to me, I have you comfortably recline and close your eyes.

I then start by guiding you through a few cycles of breathe. Conscious breathing helps you to relax and come into the present moment.

Next, I place my hands lightly on the crown of your head or just above it. With the intention of acting solely as a conduit that serves only the highest good for all, I open myself to the universal life energy. How it best serves you at this moment is exclusively between you and this all-knowing and all-loving infinite energy.

Moving from your head to the soles of your feet, I then begin to place my hands on or just over various parts of the body. During this process, I remain the channel through which this universal life force can flow. In this state of deep "inner empyting, receiving and listening" I also observe what images, words or colors arise.

In closing, I offer gratitude and thanks to you and the universal life energy.​

Energetic Reading

Following the energy treatment, I share any impressions I observed during the energy session. This often takes the symbolic form of images, words and colors that often serve as a means for gaining insight and clarity.

Techniques and Exercises

In conclusion, I show you techniques and exercises for better dealing with stressful emotions and situations. On a deeper level, these enable you to strengthen your own connection to your inner guidance.

More about the Laying on of Hands

The laying on of hands is an ancient tradition of tapping into and extending universal life energy with the pure intent of serving the highest good of its recepient. Although today it is primarily the indigenous cultures who remain the custodians of this holistic energy modality, science is increasingly coming to recognize its efficacy.

Click here to read about a Standford study on energy healing modalities.


Michelle Durham

Energy Worker


Main Occupation:

Office Manager / Interpreter / Translator

at a traditional Chinese medicine clinic


Bachelor of Architecture, cum laude

INTERPRET Certificate for Intercultural Interpreting, German-English,

in the areas of health, social welfare, and education


Dual Citizenship: USA/Switzerland


about me

Learn here about the inner journey
that brought me to this calling.


Inner-Sight Energy Session

60 minutes

CHF 100 cash/Twint/PayPal


Mondays, from 8:00 - 20:00